Church at Bradley St Thomas - Open for Sunday Services 11.00am

(Important Notice - Please Read)

The PCC of Bradley St Thomas last night voted to remain open for public worship as we are currently permitted to do. This decision is supported by our diocese and bishops. As always we will be ensuring that advice and instruction given to us by the government, the diocese, and Kirklees council, is followed. We believe that it is as safe as it possibly can be to attend our Church on a Sunday morning if all worshippers continue to follow our procedures. However, as the government has said, it is safer still to remain at home and our online services will continue, as will the distribution of sermons to those who are unable to access the internet. We would advise everyone, and particularly those in the more vulnerable categories, to think carefully about their worship choice on Sunday mornings. Our decision will be immediately reviewed in the event of any changes in circumstance or regulations. Keep safe everyone, and may God bless you.

If you have any questions, give Ian a call on 01484 427 838.