What's On

Our regular Sunday Services (11.00am) resumed after the lockdowns and as the months passed we have been able to do more and more of the activities that we used to do before we had heard of covid-19. This What's On page lists some of the events happening. A good place to get up-to-date information is our Facebook Page: 



Our monthly service Open, has resumed. It is now at the later time of 6pm on the third Sunday of each month. Open is a service at which we "open" the scriptures a little more deeply than we can in the morning, a place where we are especially "open" to the Holy Spirit, and a service which - like all others - is "open" to all.

Services for May

Sunday 1st May - 11.00am:   Morning Worship
Sunday 8th May - 11.00am:   Morning Worship (Superstars and YBs meet.)
Sunday 15th May - 6.00pm:  
Open service - looking at the Psalms
Sunday 22nd May - 11.00am: Holy Communion
 (Superstars and YBs meet.)
Sunday 29th May - 11.00am:  
Joint service of Holy Communion at Bradley

Please speak to the Life Group leaders about when your group are meeting next. New members welcome! Most groups will be starting "The Chosen" series 2 after Easter.

Little Toms
Mondays (in Term Time), 1.30 to 3.00pm: Little Toms – Parent and Toddler Group. All welcome and no charge!
The page for Little Toms can be found HERE.

Second Wednesday Group
Wednesday 11th May, 2.00pm: Second Wednesday Group (Wednesday Friends) meet in Church. This month you are invited to bring a poem you’ve read (or written) if you wish to do so. All Welcome.

The Bread and Butter Thing
This charity is hoping to open an outlet at the Chestnut Centre for the Bradley/Deighton/Woodhouse/Sheepridge area. The pic below show the model. Food that can’t be sold (including fresh meat, chilled foods, and fresh fruit and veg.) are packed by volunteers into bags and ‘customers’ pay £7.50 for over £30 worth of shopping. The likely day is Friday (11-2pm) and it will operate 52 weeks a year.

We hope to be involved in this (as bag packers) – possibly wearing “We’re from St Thomas’s Church Bradley” T-shirts! Have a think whether you might be interested in joining a team.

 Bread and Butter Thing - Food Charity