Harvest Supper October 2019

What a lovely event this was! The bring and share meal was a real banquet with something for everyone. It was a mixture of Caribbean flavours and traditional party food - all of it really tasty and (much) more than enough to go round. There was plenty of time to share the meal together and have a chat. Coffee cake, buns, trifle, flapjack, cheesboard and much more to finish with.

We then moved into church to listen to the wonderful Hearts and Hands Gospel Choir. Time for worship with children and adults joining in.

 Hearts and Hands Gospel Choir

 Our Guest Speaker David Joseph

Our guest speaker David Joseph was interviewed by Margaret (our own Oprah/JonathanRoss/Parky). He told us about his turbulent life in the USA and how Jesus helped him to turn his life around after he arrived at Heathrow Airport.

And we finished by spinning around to part two of the Hearts and Hands Gospel Choir. An uplifting finish to the evenings worship.

 Hearts and Hands Gospel Choir