Data Protection Privacy Notices

Your privacy is important to us, and we want to communicate with you only with your consent, and in line with UK data protection law. This page allows you to view the privacy notices in each of our parishes and gives you the opportunity to consent to allow us to contact you and, if we already hold any information, the opportunity to withdraw your consent and ask for the details we hold about you to be deleted.

Please click here to read the privacy notice for the Parish of St Thomas Bradley.

If you would like to opt-in to receiving information about one or all of our churches please let us have your name and contact details and copy and paste the relevant statements below, emailing them to Rev. Ian Jamieson at

NAME: _____________________________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________________________

EMAIL ADDRESS: ___________________________________________________________

PHONE NUMBER: ___________________________________________________________

MOBILE PHONE NUMBER: __________________________________________________

By emailing us any of the statements below you are confirming that you consent to the PCC of St Thomas Church Bradley holding and using your personal data for the following purposes (please copy and email to us all the statements where you give consent): -

- I consent to being contacted by the Church of St Thomas Bradley by email, phone, post (delete as applicable). 

- To keep me informed about news, events, activities and services at St Thomas Bradley.

- To include my details in the “Church Directory” which may be made available to other church members.

Dated: _____________________

If you would like us to update or delete the information we hold about you, please contact Rev. Ian Jamieson at