Many of us are now required to have completed safeguarding training to ensure that in doing the jobs we do at Church, we can keep ourselves and one another safe from harm. This has filled some of us with dread. Thankfully, our Safeguarding officer, Mel Armitage has this encouraging update:

“Following discussion with the Diocese safeguarding leads we now have a variety of ways that volunteers involved in our organised activities can complete their training. There is still the online offer which we know works well for some people. But as not everyone has a device or the experience needed, alternatives have been offered: We can now provide a printed booklet or hold a group session where we do the course together. We plan to make these options available in September, and for people from St Francis and St Hilda too. If you would like to take part in the group session or complete the printed booklet, please write your name on the list that will be on the notice board. Mel.”

Safeguarding at St. Thomas' Church Bradley

Bradley, St Thomas, has adopted the House of Bishop guidance "Promoting a Safer Church" (2017).

Click here to read the full version of the House of Bishops' "Promoting a Safer Church' booklet.  

Safeguarding details for our Church: (see image below)

Safeguarding Details